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That hits the spot !

August 10th, 2014


Bailey and Winnie having a good scratch.

Sleepy Jeni !

August 10th, 2014


jeni after a tiring day, sleeping with her wee tongue showing. Bless !

Bungee Jumping

August 1st, 2014



Then Gavin was off to Glasgow to the Titian Crane (50m high!) for a bungee jump ! Nearly gave me a heart attack watching him !

Micro light flight

August 1st, 2014


Gavin using up another 21st gift ! Lucky boy ! Had magic fun on his micro light flight from Strathaven airfield. Flew out to the farm and dive bombed farmer Tom!

Ariel view of farm

July 8th, 2014

drumboy ariel view

Ariel view of our farm. The yellow fields are the ones with all the silage off them. The Lodge is in the left hand corner of the yellow fields at the top of the picture.

Thailand silage !

July 8th, 2014

silage run in Thailand

Bringing in their silage in Thailand ! lol

Battle of Bannockburn

July 4th, 2014

Battle of Bannockburn

Fearsome in a re – enactment Scots Warriors brandished their spears in a re-enactment of the Battle of Bannockburn on Sat 28th of June.Over 10000 people went to Stirling to mark the 700th anniversary of Robert The Bruce’s victory over Edward 2nd of England in 1314.

Silage making !

June 30th, 2014



Silage making today. The grass is cut, then rowed up into rows so that the chopper can hoover it up and into a trailer for carting back to the farm. Here it is put into a silage pit and rolled with heavy tractors until it is compressed and has no air in it. Finally a plastic sheet is pulled over it and secured. The grass will now ferment and will be ready to feed to the animals in the winter. Long days ! Video clips available on our facebook page.

Dressage rosette !

June 30th, 2014



Then Margaret and Bailey were 2nd in a dressage competition at Morris Equestrian centre ! Well done Margaret !

The beach

June 30th, 2014



Went to Irvine beach with the horses at the weekend … took a little while before we could take this hands free photo as they were so excited !

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