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Boab begs for walkies !

February 24th, 2013


Margaret has been working all week and her dog Boab has been missing his big walks !

How can you resist a wee face like that !! Come on Boab ! Walkies !!

Calderglen Country Park

February 22nd, 2013

calderglen parkCalderglen’s scenic landscape and range of facilities and services promise to make the park a great family day out with lots of fun things to do.
The main visitor attractions and facilities are centred around the historic Torrance House which hosts a visitor centre and a great little shop packed full of gifts and goodies. Also at Torrance House is the Courtyard Café which is great place to indulge in some tasty refreshments and ice cream.
Nearby is the conservatory with its tropical displays, plants from around the world and an ornamental garden area.
The children’s zoo has a wide range of animals including owls, marmosets, wallabies and the ever popular and watchful meerkats, who “guard” the zoo!
There is an extensive event and activities programme throughout the year organised by the zoo, conservatory staff and country park rangers.
The park also contains a toddler’s play area, large adventure play area, golf course and sports facilities.
Calderglen Park also hosts a variety of events throughout the year.
Entrance to the park is free.
The nearby Langlands Moss Local Nature Reserve is a great example of the increasingly rare lowland raised bogs. A raised wooden platform walk allows visitors to see the bog up close.
Leaflets on walks and trails are available from the visitor centre.

Chatelerault Country Park – Hamilton

February 21st, 2013

Chatelherault Country Park is a country park in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Its name is derived from the French town of Châtellerault, the title Duc de Châtellerault being held by the Duke of Hamilton.

The country park is centred on the former hunting lodge of the now demolished Hamilton Palace. The lodge was designed by William Adam and completed in 1734. It comprises two pavilions linked by a gateway. The north facade was visible from the palace and forms the front of the building. To the rear are formal parterre gardens. The buildings provided kennels, stables and accommodation for hunting parties returning from the woodlands to the south. Adam jokingly referred to his creation as ‘The Dogg Kennel’. An avenue of lime trees linked the lodge and the palace, formerly located in Hamilton.

In the early 20th century, the palace was demolished and the ground in front of the lodge was excavated for sand quarrying. The resulting subsidence has created a noticeably lopsided feel in the lodge: coins will roll across the floor, and many visitors report feeling unbalanced and ill. The quarrying was halted in the 1970s, following the death of the 14th Duke. The High and Low parks of Hamilton were given to the nation in lieu of death duties. Historic Scotland began renovating the lodge in the late 1970s, including the fine Georgian plasterwork, and a visitor centre was built to the rear. The lodge and park are now managed by South Lanarkshire Council.

The ruins of Cadzow Castle lie above the gorge of the Avon Water, which runs to the west of the lodge. The bulk of the park lies along the Avon gorge, with woodland walks and cycle routes. A herd of Cadzow cattle live in the fields overlooked by the hunting lodge. This apparently unique breed have white coats and long horns.

Wow ! Another glorious day !

February 21st, 2013

Only 9.30am and the sky is blue and the sun is shining yet again ! If this is our weather in February, I can’t wait for summer !!!

Lazy days !

February 17th, 2013
Our lovely old cat Squealer enjoying the roasting sun today !

Our lovely old cat Squealer enjoying the roasting sun today !

Summer arrives early!

February 17th, 2013
An almost cloudless sky !

An almost cloudless sky !

What’s going on !

February 14th, 2013

Spring has arrived today ! Snow drifts yesterday ! I think the weather has lost the plot !!

Winter hits hard again.

February 13th, 2013

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. So glad I went for a ride on my horse around the roads of Loudounhill. It was really just to tire out that dog of mine !! No chance of that today !! Snow drifts everywhere !!

Attractions and Events.

February 12th, 2013

Coming soon ! Regular pictures and features on local attractions and events.

Sunny Drumclog last week !

February 12th, 2013
This was sunny Scotland last week in the snow !

Jeni in the snow !

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