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Meet our new babies !

January 10th, 2014


This is Tom ……..

Inspiration needed !

January 7th, 2014

Ok, so I’ve managed to cut down on all the food and drink levels from bad habits formed over xmas and new year, but can’t quite bring myself to pull my running shoes on ! Help needed !

Street music !

December 13th, 2013

Check out our Facebook page for a brilliant blast of Glasgow Street Music !

Ice skating

December 13th, 2013


Ice skating in George Square.

Is it real??

December 13th, 2013


This man really did seem to be hovering above the ground !!

Xmas lights !

December 13th, 2013


Xmas lights in a dept store in Glasgow.

Trees destroyed !

December 13th, 2013


And this is it now after the storm … what a shame. Lovely old trees.

The Old Road

December 13th, 2013


This was our ‘Old Road’ during the summer …………

Twister hits Drumclog !

December 5th, 2013


The wind came during the night. It was brutal ! We have 10 trees down and various damage around the farm. Most upset though at my poor horse trailer that was lifted up and sat back down on its side, exactly where it had been parked ! Scottish Power guys reckon we had a twister as everything that’s broken is pointing in different directions !

New signs

December 4th, 2013


Our nice new signs arrive today. One for the farm and one for the lodge. They were made by Black Forge Art. Really pleased with them ! Farmer Tom will have to be persuaded to get them up ASAP !!

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