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The Falls Of Clyde

falls of clyde

The conservation village of New Lanark is the gateway to the Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve, which is owned and managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust. From New Lanark you can enjoy beautiful riverside walks through the Reserve, following in the footsteps of the many poets and painters including Wordsworth and Turner. There are three waterfalls upstream from New Lanark lying on the Clyde Walkway: Dundaff Linn (3 metres) is the close to the village. Corra Linn (28 metres) is about 20-25 minutes walk, and Bonnington Linn (11 metres) about 30-45 minutes walk.

For information about the Falls of Clyde Reserve, visit the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Visitor Centre at the old mill Dyeworks in New Lanark, and explore the Wildwood interactive guide to the surrounding countryside.


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